Welcome to your workspace! Let's run your first recipe...

  1. Navigate to the "Recipes" are under your workspace.
  2. Click "New Recipe".
  3. Choose Recipe Editor and select a recipe template. A good recipe to start with is "Transformation Examples".
  4. Click "Run" to bring up the Event parameter window.
  5. Click "Start Recipe" to start the recipe.

Your recipe will take a few seconds to start running as the job is starting. Then you will see an execution history of the job that you can browse.

What's next?

  1. Upload an Excel, JSON, or CSV file to the Local File connector in your environment. 
  2. Learn the core concepts of Lingk and how it all works.
  3. Configure a Salesforce integration in your environment.
  4. Automate data processes by schedule or by event.

What is a recipe?

A recipe is human-readable, easy to learn data processing configuration that utilizes YAML markup and SQL statements with optional Jinja expressions. 

What can you do with a recipe?

With a recipe, you can aggregate, transform and connect local or remote flat files across APIs and cloud-based platforms. 

How do recipes run?

Recipes run under an environment. The environment stored credentials for connectors so that you can easily re-use recipes and align them with internal deployment and quality processes.