The Lingk API Plugin for Apache Nifi provides an easy way to extend Apache Nifi for creating custom APIs.

Key concepts

  1. Is installed behind a firewall.
  2. Is not a recipe.
  3. Provides REST APIs used in a recipe through the Lingk Adapter connector.
  4. Is designed for batch data use case with on-premise databases
  5. Can be leveraged for additional uses cases (event-driven, IOT, etc). 

On-Premise API Capabilities

With the Lingk API Plugin for Apache Nifi, you can create REST APIs for reading and writing data from Lingk batch recipes on demand or in real-time.

Here is a summary of the capabilities of the plugin: 

  • Supports HTTP GET, POST and PUT operations.
  • Converts HTTP GET query string parameters to JSON for APIs using dynamical SQL templates.
  • Merges HTTP POST payloads to JSON operations using dynamical SQL templates.
  • Supports creating new API from a management dashboard.
  • Support Mustache-like templating for SQL or JSON API templates using the Schnauzer template language.
  • Handles pagination automatically for standard JDBC SELECT statements.
  • Utilizes JWT-based security and environment credentials when connected to the Lingk Adapter recipe connectors.
  • Supports SQL scripts for complex Oracle PL/SQL scenarios (for Banner, PeopleSoft, etc).
  • Supports reading data from CSV files.