A recipe connects to on-premise Lingk Adapter REST APIs using SSL transport level security and JWT-signed payloads.

Lingk Adapter connector request/response flow:

  1. Recipe job is started in the Lingk platform.
  2. Lingk Adapter connector requests data from the Lingk Adapter instance behind your firewall using a REST API.
    1. All Lingk Adapter REST APIs utilize SSL transport level security 
    2. Each REST API request from the Lingk platform to the Lingk Adapter instance is signed with a JWT token and verified by the Adapter.
  3. The Lingk Adapter REST API reads or writes data from an on-premise database (including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) via JDBC or other mechanisms.
  4. The Lingk Adapter converts the data to JSON in the HTTP response to the Lingk platform.
  5. The Lingk platform processes the data and transforms the data for integration or file output using the recipe logic.