Visual SQL Wizard support versioning like Recipe Editor

Versioning of recipe created by Visual SQL Builder now that the same versioning support as the Recipe Editor. Now you can apply common versioning and development practices to recipes no matter how they are built.

User Experience

  • Environment
    •  Local File  - Support for deleting files.
    •  Amazon S3  - Full support for full test connection.
  • Recipe Editor
    • Template Library - Improved search capability enables users to search title, description and full recipe content


  • Schemas - improved schema support for all connectors (with support for nested arrays)


  • Salesforce Reader - Increased efficiency in handling large datasets (>1 million records).


  • Excel Formatters - default to the first worksheet when no worksheet is specified.

Bug Fixes

User Experience

  • Visual SQL Wizard - Before it was possible to get a different version number in the Visual SQL Wizard. Now, the version numbers are correct.
  • Recipe Editor - Before it was possible that undoing would clear the recipe editor window. Now, you can only undo will only go back to the original saved state.


  • Excel File Writer - Before it was possible for large files to crash a job. Now, writing Excel worksheets up to 1 million rows are supports.

Visual SQL Wizard

  • Recipe Generation - Recipe generation used to include a few properties marked as credentials which broke environment deployment. Now, all credential related properties are excluded.