Recipe Designer (beta)
The Recipe Designer provides a visual experience for building recipes. Positioned between the flexibility of the recipe editor and ease of use of the Visual SQL Builder, the Recipe Designer combines ease of use and flexibility. 

Recipes synchronize seamlessly between the Editor and the Designer.

Metadata Explorer for Editor and Designer
Metadata from environment configurations is now directly available in Editor experience, making it easy to explore metadata and use object and fields names in SQL query.

Support for SFTP SSH Key authentication
Environments and the SFTP connector support authentication using SSH Private Keys. 

PRINTSCHEMA Statement to automatically generate schema for a dataset or table
Recipe builders used to have to write recipe schema by hand. When datasets become long or nested, this could be overwhelming. With the new PRINTSCHEMA statement, you can print out a schema that can be pasted into your recipe's schemas:  section and associated with a connector with schemaref: .

Improved HTTP Error Responses for the HTTPReader and HTTPWriter
Before minimal detail was provided for HTTP exceptions when using the HTTPReader and HTTPWriter. Now, the response will include the full JSON body.