To create a Lingk organization, start at the pricing page for a "Free Trial" account.

For Organizations and Enterprises

If you are an organization or enterprise, after creating your "Free Trial" organization you must go into Account Settings and provide payment details for your subscription in order to continue service. If you have a separate contract with Lingk, Lingk will update the subscription automatically.

For ISVs and Partners

Base Organization

ISVs first should create an organizational account using the instructions under "For Organizations and Enterprises". This account can be used for internal usage and testing.

For example, let us create an organization named "Organization A".


After creating a base organization, each new customer should have a sub-account created for them. This account strategy enables a clear separation of user accounts between tenants.

Create a "Starter Plan" account using the instructions under "For Organizations and Enterprises".

If you are already logged into the Lingk app, this organization will be automatically associated with your Lingk user.

For example, let us create a new organization named "Organization A - My First Customer".


After creating the organization, create a workspace for the recipes. 

  1. Go to main Lingk app screen.
  2. Click the "+" button next to workspaces
  3. Choose the organization (i.e. "Organization A - My First Customer")
  4. Enter a Name (i.e. "My First Customer - Data Sync")
  5. Add a description
  6. Invite additional users to the workspace
  7. Click "Save"

Now you are ready to add recipes from Lingk's Public Recipe Library or from your own recipe library.