Snowflake connector (beta)

The Snowflake connector provides read and write access to a Snowflake instance. The Snowflake connector utilizes JDBC to perform SQL operations on the Snowflake instance. Now you can transform data from any data source to Snowflake data using SQL.

Public Recipe Library

With the Lingk Public Recipe Library, integrators can search over integration solutions as content. Recipes human-readable integration solutions and can be tested with a click of a button in the Lingk platform. The recipes are written in YAML and SQL, making it easy for anyone to learn and customize. Anyone can become a “recipe builder” and focus on the data -- not coding. You can even build API-driven integration experiences on top of the recipes or generate them dynamically from meta-data. 

Lingk User Community

The Lingk Community is designed for “Integrators helping Integrators”. Lingk customers can learn by imitating and discussing integrations with others. Since Lingk recipes are based on common standards (like YAML and SQL) and open technology (like Apache Spark and Apache Nifi) that anyone can know, integrators can discuss and share solutions more freely than any available integration platform.