JSONArray Formatter for Files (beta)

By default, JSON data is written to files in a JSON Lines format designed for large amounts of data transfer (like logs). Sometime, the data needs to be readable by a web browser or another parser that expects each record to be in a JSON array. That is what the JSONArray formatter is designed for. When you are writing data using a file connector (SFTP, S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc.), the source data will be output as a JSON array. 

Lingk API Plugin for Apache Nifi v1.1 

Lingk API Plugin for Apache Nifi 1.1 brings many new features that help bridge on-premise data with cloud data processing. With this new release, APIs can now:

  • Support HTTP GET, POST and PUT operations.
  • Convert HTTP GET query string parameters to JSON for APIs using dynamical SQL templates.
  • Merge HTTP POST payloads to JSON operations using dynamical SQL templates.
  • Support Mustache-like templating for SQL or JSON API templates using the Schnauzer template language.
  • Support SQL scripts for complex Oracle PL/SQL scenarios (for Banner, PeopleSoft, etc).

For more information about the Lingk API Plugin for Apache Nifi v1.1 visit the Capabilities page. To download and use the plug-in, visit the Installation Guide  .