Advanced Job Scheduler

Before you could only schedule daily, hourly and minutely batch jobs to run. With this release, there is a new Advanced Scheduler providing additional flexibility for scheduling.

Scheduling scenarios that can be now achieved are:

  • Every hour from 9-5pm UTC time, Monday to Friday
  • Monthly
    1st Day of the Month AND
    Every Month
  • One time on a specific date and time
Daily Schedule Time Zone Support

The Daily Schedule used to display times in your local time zone but store them in UTC format. This made it difficult to know with certainty that you are scheduling jobs properly for other time zones. Now, you can set the timezone for your Daily Schedule.

Existing Daily Schedules will display in UTC format. There is no change to functionality of jobs. If you want to see the time in your timezone, select your TimeZone, set the Time and save.

Azure CosmosDB Connector

Support for Azure CosmosDB is now available via the MicrosoftCosmosDBReader and MicrosoftCosmosDBWriter. 

Other Enhancements

  • Salesforce Connector - Incremented the API version in the connector from v36 to v42 to enable usages of new Salesforce objects like Individual.

Bug Fixes

  • Ellucian Ethos Connector - long-running jobs will now successfully retrieve a new token.