Connected Experiences

When a report is run, how does the report consumer know that the data is 3 days old? How can that information be communicated to the data worker? How does a consumer of a data experience confirm that data process issues have been resolved and restore trust in the report or dashboard?

The purpose of integration is to drive data experiences for analytics (reports, dashboard, AI) or workflow (business processes). Typically, connecting the data integration processes to their data experience requires a spreadsheet at best.

Data workers building integrations and experiences are not the same as the consumers of the data experiences. With Connected Experiences, you can bring it all together and enable collaboration on integrations and the experiences.

Email Alerting

Have you ever wanted an email whenever there is an error in production? Email Alerting enables you can receive email alerts for all running batch processes at the environment level.

Under Environments for a workspace, you can configure one or many email addresses to receive error notifications on a per environment level.


Display printed data in recipe execution logs as a tables

Before the execution logs only output JSON values associated with the tabular data returned by a PRINT statement. Now, you can see the data as a table making it easier to debug, parse and know what to do next.

Add alert to prevent you from accidentally deleting a credential in environments.

Before you could accidentally delete a credential. Now, you will see a confirmation dialog.


Workspace monitoring shows out of date wizard titles

Before you might see a different name for your wizards in the Workspace monitoring dashboard. Now, all the names will be their current names.


New Providers

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Reader / Writer)
  • Google Cloud PubSub (Writer)
  • Slate (Reader)
  • Workday Reports (Reader)

Updated Providers

  • Google Big Query Writer
    • Fixed summary counts for success and failures