Mapping Plans
The process of planning an integration typically requires a lot of copy and paste between data models to create an initial map of source and target systems. With Mapping Plans, you can now use the metadata from your source and target systems to easily create a source and target mapping plan that can be shared with others. No more Excel Spreadsheets, no more copy/paste, no more emailing attachments!

Start your integration planning with a Mapping Plan

Schedule Calendar

Data processes that are scheduled by time are require planning of execution based on a calendar. With the new Schedule tab in workspaces, you can easily see what events are coming up, what has occurred, and how long each event took. No longer do you need to use an Excel Spreadsheet to view the scheduled processes in a readable fashion.


Recipe Templates
Starting a recipe from a template saves time and reduces the learning curve for building transformations, migrations and integration.

Recipe templates make it easy to get started

See the full list of templates at: https://lingk.io/recipes

Amazon RDS metadata retrieval

When connecting to an Amazon RDS database (Postgres) in an Environment, the metadata from the database will be retrieved for usage in Mapping Plans and Wizards.

Other enhancements

  • Full screen view of recipe execution plan for easier debugging and browsing of results
  • Configurable page size property to Lingk Adapter reader provider (for Peoplesoft, Banner, on-premise DB access) to enable more flexibility on data retrieval
  • Browser tab notification of status of recipe execution to enable you to see progress of execution while you are in other browser tabs
  • Adding Jinja expression for accessing the current environment name during execution of a recipe
    - statement: (data) => select * from courseFile where env = "{{ env.name }}"

Bug Fixes

  • When files with different columns are updated, the Connection keys between source and target will display the correct error state
  • Numerous provider bug fixes