Put simply Lingk was built to simplify the transformation of data between systems. Lingk brings all the steps of integration together and makes each step easier than before.

Plan, Integrate, Trigger, Monitor, Analyze

And Lingk helps simplify all types of batch and streaming data, across formats and protocols. Traditional tools do not handle batch and streaming data type. Data workers, familiar with databases, struggle to bring API-based data into a data analytics world.

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Lingk has solutions to improve operational efficiency, data experiences, and analytics initiatives.

  1. Flat file automation
  2. Business process automation,
  3. Connected campus CRM strategies
  4. Data analytics initiatives.

Here are some high-level challenges to data transformation that slow down digital transformation:

Flat files sometimes require spreadsheet (Excel) processing

Many business processes require spreadsheet manipulation increasing the amount of resources needed and removing the opportunity for automation.

APIs data formats are complex and without metadata

APIs return data in a wide range of formats and the metadata to describe the formats making the data very hard to process.

APIs typically are not designed for synchronization

API design limits the capabilities of the web service layer and are typically gears toward interactive UI consumption. To use an API of this design to manage larger data sets requires a lot of offer.

API security techniques vary widely

Getting connected to an API can be one of the hardest steps in the process.

Data from different systems cannot be joined easily

Matching data between systems can be very difficult when you have many APIs or tables to ingest.

File drops are antiquated, but still used

On-premise data is still provided by SFTP file drops when new techniques are available to make data available on-demand.

Data integration needs to happen at "Sprint Speed"

The needs of the business require data integration to happen faster in order to meet the growing needs of end users.

SaaS technology providers and systems integrators need to jump through hoops to fit integration into their workflow

Multi-tenant technology providers and system integration don't have adequate customer- or project- based systems that incorporate integration and collaboration across customers.

Over the years transformation has been becoming more complicated. APIs are increasing in number in enterprise software. There are tools that make APIs easier for developers like JSON Schema, OpenAPIs, SOAP or RAML specifications. But with every new API and definition, there needs to be tools to enable non-programmers to utilize the data or else many of the business needs will never be addressed. All this must occur while supporting older methods of flat file integration. Lingk is built to help tackle these modern integration challenges.