For Most Connector Writers (excluding JDBC, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL)

UPDATE updatedSourceData INTO targetProvider

The syntax for Insert is optimized for bulk data sets and takes source data set from a previous statement.

The updated data needs to contain the correct unique identifiers and have source fields aliased to the appropriate target fields.

For API based connectors, a JSON payload will be sent with a PUT unless the API requires a custom update procedure.

One example using REST APIs for updating data is with the Salesforce REST API writer.

For SQL Writers Connectors (JDBC, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL)

  # pattern 1 where you have to add a prefix (set_ or where_)
  - statement: (update_table) => SELECT Column1 as set_c1, Column2 as set_c2, Column3 as where_c3 FROM test
  - statement: UPDATE update_table INTO GoogleCloudSQLWriterPostgres
  # pattern 2, which is similar to the syntax of PostgreSQL.
  - statement: UPDATE GoogleCloudSQLWriterPostgres SET c2 = test.Column1, c1 = test.Column4, c1 = test.Column4 FROM test WHERE GoogleCloudSQLWriterPostgres.c3 = test.Column3

  - statement: (contents) => select * from reader
  - statement: print contents