Lingk deployment options focus on ease of implementation and handling compliance needs. The Spark Integration Recipe Engine (SIRE) is the core data processing engine. The API Plugin for Apache Nifi is a lightweight data access layer for on-premise data. Real-time microservices recipes (built on AWS Lamba) provide flexibility for extending batch recipes or doing real-time integrations.

Data Processing

SaaS Deployment - No Maintanance

Lingk's default implementation is a SaaS model hosted on Amazon AWS.

Hybrid SIRE Deployment

While the SaaS deployment is stateless and no data is persisted between job executions, organizations still may require a deployment where all data goes through their cloud environments for compliance purposes. For these situations, Lingk supports hybrid SIRE deployments to AWS, Google, and more.

Data Access

Cloud to Cloud

Lingk connectors that simplify cloud to cloud integration.

On-premise to Cloud

For on-premise systems and databases, Lingk provides the API Plugin for Apache Nifi. The API Plugin for Apache Nifi is installed on-premise and provides a RESTful data layer to simplify cloud integration.