(validData, invalidData) => VALIDATE sourceTable AGAGAINST namedSchema

Use Validate when you want to validate a dataset against a schema prior to subsequent statements. The reusable schemas are defined in the "schemas" top level configuration in a recipe.

The Validate statement returns two tables -- one with validated data and the other with invalid data. These two buckets can then be operated on independently using other statements like INSERT or UPDATE.

# schema validation for the table which is to be inserted.
- statement: (good, bad) => validate transformedToInsert with schema ContactInsertSchema
- statement: INSERT good INTO Contact

Validate statements take a data set and then apply a Schema.

Example Schema Section of a Recipe


- name: ContactInsertSchema
- name: FirstName
type: String
required: false
- name: hed__Gender__c
type: String
required: false
- name: LastName
type: String
required: true
- name: Lingk_External_Id__c
type: String
required: false