Connect to a Slate JSON query.

SlateReader Properties

  • cmd (Inline Only): The command of the execution. Defaults to "command".
  • output (Inline Only): The output type of the execution. Defaults to "json".
  • rootUrl (Inline Only): The Slate endpoint for the service.
  • username (Inline Only): The Slate username.
  • password (Inline Only): The Slate password.
  • id (Inline Only): The ID of the operation to run.
Example with Inline Credentials
    name: myConnectorName
    type: SlateReader
      cmd: command 
      output: json 
      username: xxxx 
      password: xxxx 
      id: abcafds-sdfasdfds-sdff 
    #schemaRef: schemaName # optional from "schemas:"